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Best space for rest 7Shang
  • Concept | Design Development | Construction
  • 2019
  • Beijing
Connection and Memory

The 7SHANG guesthouse on the top floor of Jin Shang Lido reflect the softness of human nature from the unique design, live life with joy, and affection with ordinary heart. It follows the infinite comfort of living.

The room number 2046,1,2016,2019,7,1999,007 is a secret that every guest will explore, guessing the story behind the number.

In fact, they all originate from the bit of fun of the founder Lilian Tian's daily collection. If you are a fan of Wong Kar Wai or James Bond, please sit down and chat with us about the psychedelic mystery of "2046" and the coolest "007" Technology.

The 7 rooms all have large floor-to-ceiling windows, introducing natural light and scenery. Soft and sufficient light walks and intersperses in the room, extending the space infinitely. Meeting rooms, cold kitchens, washing and drying clothes ... Comfortable layout, exquisite furniture, and considerate service. 7SHANG prepares little surprises for you everywhere.


Taking oneself and the life of oneself as the center to create a better lifestyle by creating unique spaces.


Chief Designer

Lilian Tian