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Alibaba Employee Services
  • Design Project
  • 2017
  • Hangzhou
  • 1,250 sqm
The first impression

The employee service center on the Alibaba campus in Hangzhou offers a wide array of services to their staff. Located at the center of their headquarters, it is a place where hundreds of people go in and out on a daily basis. Hence a practical layout with efficient walkways was key for this project.

For the interiors we gave this highly frequented space a proper Alibaba branding – as it is an important touch point of company intern PR. Double floor height in the main area and great exposure to natural light makes it very friendly. We chose to let the location speak for it self by running lines with the structure, keeping the overall design very clean. Some sprinkles of the brand’s colours and modern furniture complement the open and friendly character of the interior.


"How to interpret the beauty and practicality of the space, when you in it, you will feel it."


Cindy Li