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Life is amazing Aranya Headquarters
  • Design
  • 2018
  • Beijing
  • 931 sqm
Pushing the envelope

Working with visionaries can be a tough process, but pushing their own limits and those of the people around them is what makes the final result of a project something unique and special.

Mr. Ma of aranya is one of this kind. He is heading a real estate company that took the industry by storm – innovative concepts and world wide recognized architecture are just a few elements that make aranya truly stand out from their peers.

We were lucky to get nominated to design their Beijing headquarters, especially the lobby. The multifunctional exhibition/sales/café/event space comes with a highly flexible layout that feels cosy, open and sophisticated at the same time. Using unusual materials, the space has a minimalistic modern feel that draws warmth from the furniture and the surroundings experienced through the floor to ceiling windows. The outcome is a unique and beautiful space, but most importantly: a highly satisfied Mr. Ma.

We certainly grew a lot during this project and became thirsty for more!


"With the pursuit of extreme refinement, we discovered another beauty of office design in the process."


Shi Peng