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village upgrade Café Flo SanLiTun
  • Construction Project
  • 2016
  • Beijing
  • 230 sqm
Seconds, please!

Just like with your favourite dish, when you ask for seconds after you finished your first plate, we also tend to want to take a working relationship to the next level after a highly successful first project. Here at WTL Design we are proud of the fact that the majority of our current projects are with clients that we have been working with for many years.

This is the second project wit the team of Groupe Flo, whose trade is in French culinary delights. Their Café Flo concept expanded to their third location in Beijing's trendy hot-spot SanLiTun Village. It is an exceptional space with challenging 7meters of ceiling height and a beautiful window front. Only with the best workmanship and a close attention to detail it was possible to bring this blue gem in Sanlitun's gastro environment to live.

The result is a gorgeous restaurant environment, promises a comfortable stay that – paired up with French deliciousness – will make you ask for seconds without hesitating.

“jim was here”

“I had great fun working with Flo again. The project in SanLiTun was as challenging for me as it was rewarding – I left my mark there!“

Jim Hu
Project Manager