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good vibes Easy Start
  • Design & Construction Project
  • 2016
  • Beijing
  • 2000 sqm
Shiny minimalism

Doing interior design with abundant resources is easy – but rarely the case. It is under sharp budget restraints where the quality of a design becomes obvious. The challenge is to put the money where you can maximise the effect and look for smart solutions for other areas to safe money.


Easy Start is a platform for young entrepreneurs to make their first steps with their start-ups. To keep the renting costs at bay, we had to design a space that emphasizes functionality with a very practical approach. At the same time we still had to give it a young, playful and creative atmosphere to suit the clientele.


The result is a bright and lively work environment that welcomes ist tenants with colourful details and a multi-purpose logic that is both inviting and minimalistic at the same time.

“wise design”

“For this project, I didn’t want to show my capabilities as a designer, I wanted to show my wisdom. It is a design full of wisdom.“

Lilian Tian
Design Director