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Expansion Inno Z & Z Café
  • Design | Construction
  • 2016
  • Beijing
  • 5,000 sqm
Concept refinement

After building the first Inno Z project in 2015 and spreading the concept in locations across the country, it was time for the second project in Beijing.

The task was to further refine the concept from an interior design perspective and emphasize the maturity of the project. Built into a building which is part of the renowned Friendship Hotel, Inno Z is bringing a fresh and young vibe to the old structure built in the 50s.

Exciting details in a colourful environment to host young entrepreneurs and the cosy yet modern café made this space to work, mingle and hang out for forward thinking people from Zhongguancun, Renmin University and the likes.


“It was awesome to design for a target group that is my age – enabling me to leave the boundaries of classic office design behind me and just being playful with the space.”


Si Di