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Touch it up International SOS
  • Concept | Design Development | Construction
  • 2014
  • Beijing
  • 700 sqm
PM stress test

International SOS has been working with WTL since 2004. This project involved 700sqm of renovation and restructuring work in the 4 floor/5.000sqm building, all while the clinic was still operating – an enormous challenge for our project management and construction team.

Even more than other projects, construction in a healthcare environment is highly sensitive to dust, noise and fumes, especially when patients and employees are still around. Still, WTL managed to stick to the tight schedule and finish the project without unnecessary disturbance to the business and with a great result.



“Not the size, but the complicated elements of this project made it one of the most challenging for me so far. Tasks like this really test your capabilities and let you grow fast.”


Nancy Yang

Project Manager