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Great leap outward JD Overseas
  • Design
  • 2018
  • Paris / NY
Cooperation across borders

The close strategic partnership with JD took WTL Design abroad! It was a first for us to design projects in Europe and the United States. For both locations, Paris and NY, we were instructed to bring a JD look and feel to existing structures.

Working with JD on many projects before, we implemented the unique “JD style” with its clean design language, sprinkles of colour and an overall welcoming and bright atmosphere. At the same time we paid close attention to also embrace special features of the locations, local culture and the environment to subtly merge classic JD features with the new surroundings in a natural way.

It has been a great experience for us and we are looking forward to discover more of the world with JD!


"It is a great honour for me to do a project abroad for the first time. This project is through the soft decoration to transform an office space visually with the characteristics of JD enterprise culture. Once again, I have completed my own challenge."


Chang Lu