Projects: explore our work Headquarters
  • Design Development & Construction
  • 2015
  • Beijing
  • 93,000 sqm
  • 16,000
    ball pit balls
  • 24,000
    meters of rope
  • 300
  • 400 sqm
    pebble flooring
first headquarters

WTL Design was able to play an integral role in the creation of JD’s first ever headquarters. This company has grown immensely in the past few years and will continue to do so. Being able to be a part of its launching was a tremendous experience for us.

"a proud moment"

“As for WTL, the JD project was an opportunity for us to create and prove our potential and capabilities in the face of many challenges. Right now I can say proudly that we are a marvellous team.”

Design Manager
JD’s new home

In 2014 WTL Design was chosen to aid in their mission to create the company’s first official headquarters. JD was passionate about a design that cultivates an energized and inspiring work environment, one that would encourage collaboration, and create a tool for recruitment and retention.

The methodology of the project understood that the individual workspaces needed to be a functional, more neutral backdrop for the diverse and flexible communal areas that foster creativity, innovation, and team work. Diversification was pivotal in making these goals a reality. We infused difference in all aspects of the design from function and shape to color and scale.

The biggest challenge we faced was placed on us right from the beginning. The project had already been started when we were called in to take over. WTL begun designing from scratch but as some construction had already taken place we encountered limitations in certain spaces. Our creativity and ingenuity allowed us to succeed in implementing our vision without sacrifice.

In the end the success fell in creating a flexible space for a rapidly expanding company that supports multiple modes of work without having to forfeit brand and culture.