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An opening ceremony for children Keystone Lecture Theatres
  • Design Development | Construction
  • 2019
  • Beijing
  • 400 sqm
Oriental meet West

This is the fourth collaboration between WTL Design and Keystone. As a newcomer in the field of education, Keystone's attention to student space and the environment is not lost to its professional strength in education. The vision of the school's leading edge and the unique design and construction of WTL Design. With the original intention of environmental protection and innovative attitude, we have dedicated the two different lecture theatres to students.

The first lecture theatre was “Orient”, and the designer applied the large area of red to the wall, matching the traditional Chinese wall-mounted soundproof wall. Shows the oriental charm in the space. The seat is chosen to be a calm and elegant blue, contrasting with the red wall. The wood-colored floor and the white ceiling are neutral, which opens up the layering of the space.

Irrespective of the age and the trend, British design master Luke Hughes and WTL Design's American designer Connie express their love and understanding of Eastern culture in color. The bold color scheme is enough to attract the attention of the students. In another "West" lecture theatre, the designer set this space as a Western minimalist style. They use light gray and wood color as the main color, red color is dotted, and the simple design method makes the space show elegant temperament.

In these two spaces, the Orient meets the West, and the taste and vision coexist.


“The two spaces allow students to experience the taste of Eastern and Western cultures through different color schemes and details.”