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Microsoft's new life concept space Microsoft "Life"
  • Design | Construction
  • 2020
  • Beijing
  • 960 sqm
Microsoft "Life"

This space provides a multi-functional place for employees working in the entire Microsoft Building in Beijing: employees can temporarily escape from their busy work, drink a cup of coffee, read a book, meditate or simply enjoy a moment of leisure.

We used comfortable sofa seats in the library area, the main color tone is khaki with a splash of dazzling orange. At the same time, the wall is embellished with luminous mosaic color blocks, which matches Microsoft’s technology company profile while being eye-catchy.

The warm-colored brass lights have replaced the traditional cold-colored lights in the office, plus plenty of natural light coming in from the window, allowing people to relax in the sun, loosen their tight nerves and restore their vitality here.

The nature-based design concept allows people to enjoy the beauty of nature without leaving the office building.



“A room hung with pictures is a room hung with thoughts.”

With art, life is beautiful, and with life, there is art.

You can find art in every aspect of life without deliberately looking for it.

Nature creates art. Art exists through nature.