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Shang Finance
  • Concept | Design Development | Construction
  • 2015
  • Beijing
  • 2,000 sqm
Pursuit of perfection

SHANG Finance came to us after viewing our work on ENGIE’s new office design and construction located on the 20th floor of Liangmaqiao Diplomatic Office Building. SHANG Finance is on the 23rd floor in the same building and wanted to give the office a whole new look. ENGIE caught their eye and a partnership was formed. SHANG Finance is located on the 23rd of Liangmaqiao Diplomatic Office Building. The company mainly provides investment and financing services. We infused modern elements to the traditional investment and finance design showcasing simplicity and scalability.

We divided the whole space into three areas, Jianong, Huinong and Finance Museum. The bull in the reception area is the symbol of the Finance Museum. It is said that Jack Ma and other VIPs in the industry are frequent visitors of the company. With a beautiful view from the reception area on the 23rd floor, we used marble, timber and stone elements to create an elegant and classic space. We kept the original marble floor in the hallway and applied modern and fashionable carpets to make the space vivid. Featuring abundant natural light, the VIP guest room is equipped with Chinese elements, such as the screen. Upholstered materials make the space private, harmonious, relaxing and peaceful. We applied fabric upholstered walls to the VC room for better sound insulation and to create a classic look. The whole office space showcases transparency and simplicity. The client has installed 4 IQ Air Swiss made air purifiers to improve and monitor the air quality of the office. All staff will be able to check the air quality with their phone or the monitor inside the office. We implemented modern Chinese design in the tea room with modern Chinese style furniture, blinds and decorations to make it feel more comfortable and cozy. To provide the staff with a comfortable break out area, we designed a plant wall and placed seats by the windows for the view. We installed 3M water filtration systems in the both break out areas. The guest will also be able to enjoy the organic fruit from SHANG’s own orchard. 


"This project would not have been so perfect without client’s recognition and support, as well as the efforts and the pursuit of perfection from WTL team."


Cindy Li