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Creative Work Community Shang Yuan
  • Design | Construction
  • 2017
  • Beijing
  • 15,380 sqm
Who ever said life happens after work?

Shang was a vision held by WTL Design CEO and design director, Lilian Tian. She wanted to create a workplace that celebrated community. One that would embrace technology, design, and encourage passion. As the founder and principle of her own design firm, first and foremost Lilian wanted to create an environment in which her employees, her team mates, could flourish. A space they would be proud to enter every day, one that would enhance the quality of both their professional and private lives. Quickly it became apparent that breaking down barriers and creating a community of multi-discipline, multi-functional spaces was the answer. Shang was born, not only a work place – but a live place.

WTL Design took on the task of renovating an existing hotel building. This building was perfect for the new work community Lilian had envisioned. It is centrally located in the city with plenty of great indoor and outdoor spaces. The team undertook the demolition, design and construction of the newly purposed building under the title of “SHANG”. The 5 stories making up the building are filled with event, retail, f&b, office, co-working clubhouse, and guesthouse spaces.

Paying special attention to the communal spaces, spaces can be easily neglected, makes this project shine. Every occupant of the building feels their space is well cared for and equally important. There is no shortage of collaboration spaces throughout the building to encourage intercompany relations.

WTL is loving their new home surrounded by handpicked neighbors and a bustling community. Feel free to drop by, we'll give you a walk around!


"SHANG was created by us as an ecosystem, embracing work life and leisure - bringing our vision of interior design to the next level by controlling and integrating style, function and program."


Lilian Tian