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PE's finest (private equity) Tsing Hua Capital
  • Design Development & Construction
  • 2018
  • Beijing
  • 1400sqm
classic luxury

If your job is to make money for your clients, then you have to show them that you are capable of doing so – not only through numbers. Tsing Hua Capital is a well established PE firm, ranking among the top addresses for the industries they cover. We joined hands HK boutique design studio Infrastructure to give THC’s Beijing headquarters a new face.

Taking over design development and construction, it was a welcome opportunity for us to prove our capabilities at translating a luxurious and highly detailed design into a showcase of workmanship. Using refined and top notch materials, the outcome is an office that was built on hotel standards – and we are proud that we had the chance be a part of it.

"once in a lifetime"

"This project is showing the deisgn philosophy "less is more" perfectly, our distinguished construction skill presented every gorgeous detail."

Eric Wu
Project Manager