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  • wtldesign北京朋明建筑装饰
  • wtldesign北京朋明建筑装饰
  • wtldesign北京朋明建筑装饰
  • wtldesign北京朋明建筑装饰
  • wtldesign北京朋明建筑装饰
Unlimited possibilities for WeWork WeWork-Lido
  • Design Development | Construction
  • 2019
  • Beijing
  • 9,700 sqm
In Harmony

The style of the entire office is serious, and now the personality is flexible and comfortable. The innovation of office space is not only in design, but also in the iteration of lifestyle. Based on common understanding, Shang Lido attracted the participation of WeWork which is one of internationally well-known joint office service providers. WeWork selected WTL Design as the main supplier of this project, and participated in the development design.

WeWork has five separate office floors in Shang Lido, and “FUSION” is the key word for this space. On the one hand, WTL Design maintains the WeWork American industrial style design while building space, and combines with the Beijing culture to make Chinese style have an international expression in this office space. On the other hand, the international team of WTL Design is an interesting fusion in itself. The personal identity of founder Lilian is a fusion. She is both a well-known designer and a one-stop creative community operator. The richness of multiple identities has given her a broader and unique perspective on new ways of life and work.

In this space, China and the world, work and life... all in harmony.


“WTL Design, SHANG, and WeWork have created this unparalleled shared office space, and this collaboration creates endless possibilities for the future. What will the future look like? A kind of expectation with faith, it takes time to subtly change, and it is also pinned on the strength of the accumulation of strength, looking forward to working together to create a future life and work.”


Liu Zhongxi

Project Manager