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Design & interiors
realistic creativity
design & interiors
Design as a service means walking the line between practical solutions and the creative interpretation of space. Great design is happening when you create something outstanding within the boundaries of Corporate Identity and tight budgets – a challenge we are happy to face every day.
building with integrity
Quality is our top priority. This goes for our workmanship, as well as the materials we use. Paying close attention to building a durable and healthy working environment is crucial to our success. We may not be the cheapest, but with us you get what you pay for – in budget and in time.
Custom furniture
tailored for you
Custom Furniture
You name it – we build it. Shapes and functions of custom furniture are limitless and we are happy explore the possibilities with you. Our long-term partners across the country ensure the production of high quality furniture with timely delivery.
It services
get wired
IT services
Working with large IT companies for years keeps us updated with state of the art technology for smart buildings. Depending on your needs, we can offer you everything from a simple card reader to complex server rooms and interactive meeting room booking systems.
pick our brain
Over a decade of experience in design and construction in China let us build up a rich pool of knowledge – and we are happy to share it. Be it coming up with a rough concept or solutions for specific problems, we are confident that our proficiency will come in handy for you.
planning & control
project management
Project management is the critical link between design and construction to guarantee a smooth project flow from the concept phase all the way to completion. Our PM’s are experienced engineers who make sure that the final product is as beautiful as the original concept.
spice it up
corporate art
Individual art pieces and decorative accessory give a personal touch to every environment. We are working with seasoned artists and exclusive suppliers to let you add your own special elements to the project.
The founder

Lilian Tian:

WTL: Design Founder / Design Director;SHANG Building : Founder / Design Director;Design consultant for Italian magazine《Luce Design》;Visiting professor of school of public art, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute.

Her philosophy of design:

"Less is more, Less is rich, Less is powerful, Less is magnificent. But I have to do a lot more, more than you can imagine, to make my project look less." She believes that good design does not weaken its function, personality and ethos with the passage of time. Good design must be simple and can be tested by time.

Over the years, she has traveled thousands of miles and read large volumes of books, design for companies from different industries around the world, most customers are world-class enterprises. Her work has been featured in several professional design magazines. Her representative works including: SHANG Building, JD Headquarter, iSoftStone Headquarter, GIC, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, HE LI CHEN GUANG GROUP, Gazprom, Sprint, International SOS, McAfee, WTL office etc. SHANG Building is a one-stop creative living community, the core of it is creative office space. Integrated with boutique catering, concept hotel, active space, leisure life, culture and art, etc. Propose new ways of working and living, with innovative and abundant space design, perfect and delicate facilities and services, creative and active cultural atmosphere to let global citizens from different industries around the world who pursue the same values can have a better place for gathering and communicating, and create and share unique community culture at same time.

The overall design of one-stop creative life community enables people to enjoy perfect supporting services, wonderful social activities and high-quality lifestyle in addition to have an efficient and pleasant working environment.