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Design & interiors
realistic creativity
design & interiors
Design as a service means walking the line between practical solutions and the creative interpretation of space. Great design is happening when you create something outstanding within the boundaries of Corporate Identity and tight budgets – a challenge we are happy to face every day.
building with integrity
Quality is our top priority. This goes for our workmanship, as well as the materials we use. Paying close attention to building a durable and healthy working environment is crucial to our success. We may not be the cheapest, but with us you get what you pay for – in budget and in time.
Custom furniture
tailored for you
Custom Furniture
You name it – we build it. Shapes and functions of custom furniture are limitless and we are happy explore the possibilities with you. Our long-term partners across the country ensure the production of high quality furniture with timely delivery.
It services
get wired
IT services
Working with large IT companies for years keeps us updated with state of the art technology for smart buildings. Depending on your needs, we can offer you everything from a simple card reader to complex server rooms and interactive meeting room booking systems.
pick our brain
Over a decade of experience in design and construction in China let us build up a rich pool of knowledge – and we are happy to share it. Be it coming up with a rough concept or solutions for specific problems, we are confident that our proficiency will come in handy for you.
planning & control
project management
Project management is the critical link between design and construction to guarantee a smooth project flow from the concept phase all the way to completion. Our PM’s are experienced engineers who make sure that the final product is as beautiful as the original concept.
spice it up
corporate art
Individual art pieces and decorative accessory give a personal touch to every environment. We are working with seasoned artists and exclusive suppliers to let you add your own special elements to the project.
创始人简介:田丽莲 Lilian Tian, WTL Design创始人/设计总监;金尚SHANG创始人/设计总监;意大利《灯光与设计》杂志设计师顾问;四川美术学院公共艺术学院客座教授。 她的设计观: Less is more, Less is rich, Less is powerful, Less is magnificent. But I have to do a lot more, more than you can imagine, to make my project look less. 她崇尚“少即是多,少即是妙,少即是慧”的设计理念,坚持简单、实用、谦虚、有内涵的设计风格。她认为,好的设计不会随着时间的流逝而削弱其功能、个性和气质,好的设计一定是简单的、可以经过时间考验的。多年来,她行万里路、读万卷书,给世界各地的不同领域的企业做设计,其项目客户多为世界级企业;她的多项作品曾在多家专业设计杂志上刊登报道。她的个人代表作品:金尚大厦、京东总部、软通动力总部、GIC、 BMW、 奔驰、合力晨光、Gazprom、Sprint、SOS国际救援、美国McAfee 、WTL office等…金尚大厦金尚Shang是“知食行住”一站式创意生活社区,以创意办公空间为核心,集精品餐饮、概念酒店、活动空间、生活休闲、文化艺术等多功能空间于一体,倡导新的工作方式和生活方式,以创新而丰富的空间设计、完善而精致的设施服务、创意而活跃的文化氛围,让来自世界各地的行业迥异但价值追求一致的全球公民,更好地聚集、更好地交流,共创共享独特的社区文化。“知食行住”一站式创意生活社区的整体设计,可以让人们在高效、愉快的工作之外,方便地享受到完善的配套服务、精彩的社交活动和高品质的生活方式。