7Shang in Xinyuanli
7SHANG, which was formerly a hotel, is a part of the SHANG building concept by WTL Design. As a nod to the building’s heritage, we turned seven rooms into the 7SHANG boutique hotel. All rooms were individually created by world renowned artists and designers, Luke Hughes, Antonio Ochoa, Ed Ng, Romer Valera, Qiu Wei, Wu Na, Yanling Duan & Lilian Tian. In line with the overall SHANG concept, 7SHANG is an ode to creativity and to the people behind it. Feel free to get in touch with us to book a stay for a unique hotel experience in Beijing!
Concept | Design Development | Construction
350 sqm
“7SHANG is a ‘self-centered, self-sufficient’ project. It was designed by WTL Design for WTL Design – a complement to our perfect working environment.”
Lilian Tian