HLCG Office
HLCG is a film studio that has relocated its Beijing headquarters into the new Shang building. Working along-side the renovation of the entire building this project was completed on a tight schedule. The design focuses around utilizing the entire floor and creating special pockets of interest. By widening the main hallway in the office we were able to incorporate employee lockers for personal storage to keep the work area as open as possible to allow for maximum natural lighting. We saved special inspirational moments for spaces like the viewing room, an important detail in any film company. The use of soft materials for everything from the walls to the furnishings allows the room to stay acoustically warm in the middle of a bustling office.

The style of the office is representative of the film company itself. It is diverse, energetic and fun. No two rooms are the same and you will always find hidden details that add to the layers of excitement in the office.
Concept | Design Development | Construction
1,750 sqm
“It was a great honor to participate in this project. At that time, different types of furniture needed to be recycled, which was a challenge for me, but I really enjoyed the design process. Thanks from my team to such a great client.”
Danny Liu