ZRT Headquarters
ZRT is one of the most renowned financial corporations in Beijing. They took over a brand new campus with four buildings as their new headquarters.

When it comes to office design, the finance industry is known for a more dark, heavy, and conservative approach. On this project we walked the fine line of making the space modern, warm and comfortable, while also including the companies’ values of reliability, trust and high standards.

Luxurious materials are combined with subtle colors as seen in the extensive marble paired with supple rugs and tasteful furniture. Spacious layouts make sure that workers feel comfortable during their long hours and state of the art IT and smart devices guarantee convenience and productivity.
20,000 sqm
“This was a valuable journey. WTL Design accompanied the client to complete the entire project, which is not only evidence of the strength of the WTL Design team, but was also a process of mutual learning along a growth curve shared by us and the client.”
Abel Jin