Careers: job openings at WTL

Join the WTL family!

Here at WTL, we believe that a healthy, friendly and fun working environment is a prerequisite for producing great work. We promote the concept of life long learning and constant personal growth with the company, our clients and our vendors. These principles guarantee our success since our founding in Beijing over 15 years ago.

As a Chinese company with about 80% foreign clients, we are at home in both worlds – culture wise and regarding the people that work here. We can promise you to be involved in diverse, challenging and high profile projects.

Our size allows us to be structured, but flexible at the same time. For you this means constantly solid backup, direct feedback to your work and the chance to influence and shape the future of the company through flat hierarchies and an open communication culture.

If all that works for you, get in touch with us!

How to apply

Please send your comprehensive application material to: