Way To Life

WTL Design began with office space design, and has been actively involved in designing; commercial spaces, private homes, landscapes, industrial parks and refurbishments since 2005.

In WTL Design’s course of development, we have created many prestigious Engineering, Procurement and Construction projects.

WTL Design is the partner and strategic consultant of many well-known companies in China and abroad, and has won many prestigious awards in the categories of architecture, interior design and commercial space, which makes us one of the most reputable high-end design companies in China.


To devote all our professionalism, love and passion into making the world a more beautiful place to live and work.


To continually innovate and improve on our design and design processes.


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”
Margaret Mead
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Design and Construction works for YUE HUA Entertainment, 10,000sqm


Design and Construction works for ELITEA LIFE, 6400sqm


Design and Construction works for BEIJING CITICS


Design works for Beijing Trust Park Office building, 10,000sqm

Design and Construction works for HKJ, 10,000sqm
Construction works for Mercedes in Beijing
Shang Lidu, Approx. 15,120 sqm office space and of approx. 1,500 sqm lifestyle retail,design & build project
Shang Yuan, mix-use building refurbishment work, Design & build project, circa 13,500 sqm
JD.COM appointed WTL to do design & construction works, circa 93,000 sqm
First corporate HQ complex appointment by iSoftStone in Wuxi, circa 40,000 sqm
WTL Design was founded. 1st appointment from EDS, a Fortune 100 MNC, providing design & construction in International Trade Center

Our Services

01. Design & Interiors
Design as a service means walking the line between practical solutions and the creative interpretation of space. Great design is happening when you create something outstanding within the boundaries of Corporate Identity and tight budgets – a challenge we are happy to face every day.
02. Construction
Quality is our top priority. This goes for our workmanship, as well as the materials we use. Paying close attention to building a durable and healthy working environment is crucial to our success. We may not be the cheapest, but with us you get what you pay for – in budget and in time.
03. Soft Decoration and Accessories
Individual soft decoration and accessories give a personal touch to every environment. We are working with seasoned artists and exclusive suppliers to let you add your own special elements to the project.

04. Custom Furniture

You name it – we build it. Shapes and functions of custom furniture are limitless and we are happy explore the possibilities with you. Our long-term partners across the country ensure the production of high-quality furniture with timely delivery.

05. Landscape Design

We offer a full range of garden and landscape design services which can be tailored to your individual requirements. These include a variety of services such as consultation, garden design, planting plants, etc.

06. Project Management

Project management is the critical link between design and construction to guarantee a smooth project flow from the concept phase all the way to completion. Our PM’s are experienced engineers who make sure that the final product is as beautiful as the original concept.

07. Consultation

Over a decade of experience in design and construction in China let us build up a rich pool of knowledge – and we are happy to share it. Be it coming up with a rough concept or solutions for specific problems, we are confident that our proficiency will come in handy for you.

08. Material Selection Consultancy

Materials Selection is the process of identifying the best material for the project. It is a key step in interior design. We have a 700㎡ Material Library in our office where we display all the trendy design materials and furniture. We help our client learn and choose the best material for their project with our professionalism and dedication in materials.

Lilian Tian

Founder of WTL Design & Design Director
Founder of Shang & Design Director
Vice President of CBDA Soft Decoration Branch
No matter where the road leads, If I keep my eyes focused on where I am going, I am certain I will end up there. After all, “there” awaits. Elisa Mitchell “The place to improve the world is first in one’s own heart and head and hands, and then work outward from there.”
Founder of WTL Design & Design Director of WTL Design Lilian Tian has been involved with the interior design industry in China since the 1990’s.
Pioneering the market of providing multinationals with turnkey solutions directly out of China, she founded Way to Life Design in 1999 at the age of 24. Up to today, WTL Design served over 500 clients, including over 50 fortune 500 companies -with major clients including iSoftStone, BMW, Benz, Volkswagen, Viessmann, GIC, Gazprom, Sprint, JD.com, McAfee, German Embassy, SHANG…
Lilian represents a new generation of Chinese entrepreneurs who embrace both the dialogue with and the influence of foreign partners. She is continuously inspired by foreign culture, mindset and practices -growing WTL Design with a unique mix of international best-practice and Chinese spirit. Furthermore, the company is a platform for her mission to promote quality and sustainability in interior design and construction in China. Varied publications and awards, along with a strong long-term client base, prove Lilian’s single minded dedication to service and a deep passion for design.



JINSHANG LI commercial complex project- Muse Design Awards

2019 and 2020 China Outstanding Commercial Space Design Firm for Interior Design
China Top Design Brand Conference- Most Commercially Valuable Office Space
Design Influences China 2017-2018- Top Ten Excellent Cases of Chinese Interior Design
The 9th China International Space Design Competition- Commercial Space Engineering Gold Award
The 10th China International Space Design Competition- Outstanding Commercial Space Design
CBDA Design Award- Gold Medal Design Firm in Interior Design Industry
2018 China Interior Design Golden Eagle Design Competition- Gold Award
2017 China New Commercial Space Awards- Most Attractive Co-Working Space
WTL Design creates spaces for partners who take design seriously and demand high quality