Byton Space
The Byton Space is the world’s first Byton Experience Center. With the concept coming from Liganova in Germany, we helped them to complete the detailed design and construction, working closely with them from a very initial stage to localize their design and ensure that it could be implemented.

In order to make good use of every square meter the designer divided the whole BYTON SPACE into a welcoming product experience area, an activity area and a resting area, which differentiates Byton from the common exhibition venue.

The whole project included many different companies from a variety of countries such as the United States, Germany and France. Our developmental design work and cooperation with suppliers have been unanimously recognized by the owners and designers.
Design Development | Construction
400 Sqm
“Thanks to the perfect cooperation of WTL Design, Liganova, Byton and Arcadis, we built China’s first intelligent automobile technology experience center together, which will become an important venue for Byton to cultivate users and attract fans.”
Donghai Sun
Project Manager