Designed by WTL Design, Lily Spring Spa is located on the 3rd floor of the SHANG Li building. Adapting to the local conditions of this internationalized business district, the design team created a SPA environment full of culture, personality and fun. We believe that good design immerses people in their environment and naturally creates a feeling of pleasure. It isn’t just about the function but is also about incorporating regional culture. These important attributes are relevant at any time – they are the starting point of design.

The team implemented fashionable and light materials such as brass, velvet and glass bricks and made clever use of plants, the most essential natural element from the area, to create a space of love and fun. This isn’t just a SPA for relaxation; it is an intimate environment satisfying the visitors’ tactile, emotional and spiritual needs.
Design | Construction
200 sqm
“WTL Design works for the beauty of living space, Lily Spring Spa is dedicated to the beauty of the personal image. Even if the facets of life are very diverse, people share the same expectations for a better life.”
Lilian Tian | Cindy Li