Boxing Cat Brewery
Boxing Cat Brewery is an icon in the Chinese craft brewing world. Starting in Shanghai, they soon became the most established brewer in the city. After years of success, it was time to set foot in the capital. We were able to offer them our former ILotus space at the SHANG building – together with the beautiful outdoor space and the perfect location for their first Beijing brew pub.

Alongside their design team we built a beautiful, unique and cozy space that lets the guests enjoy great food paired with delicious beer. It was a great experience for us to work for the first time with seasoned professionals, as well as to build a brewery with all its equipment – we hope to do it again!

By the way, if you happen to give Boxing Cat a try – drop by at our office for a chat, we are just upstairs!
Design Development | Construction
628 sqm
“In this project, we tried to interpret the essence of the design under a challenging working schedule, always appealing to every guest’s senses as they experience authentic brew culture.”
Liu Zhongxi
Project Manager