Jintou Square
Developing a recognizable space through design language is of great importance, but we still need a design team that can tell a story. The JINTOU SQUARE project, which was completed by WTL Design, is a great example.

This square was once a famous commercial street for foreign trade in Tianjin. Now the square has been reconceived and redesigned by WTL as a landmark for the city’s ideal life. It is meant to be a place where life and work, culture and technology and past and present complement each other.

Just as a good story has a set of basic elements, a good design needs a set of moving details. Embracing the original characteristics of the building, we combined different materials and techniques to tell the story of our design concept. Different details are designed to connect and interact with the space and people. Everyone who passes through the building will find different interests stimulated and experience a clear sense of beauty.
Concept | Design Development | Construction
12,000 sqm
“We converted the abandoned roof into an outdoor garden. Through lighting and spatial planning, this humble place is now revitalized.”
Cindy Li