Aranya Headquarters
Working with visionaries can be a tough process, but by pushing their own limits and those of the people around them they create a final result that is something quite unique and special.

Mr. Ma, of Aranya, is this kind of visionary. He is the head of a real estate company that has taken the industry by storm. Innovative concepts and globally recognized architecture are just two of the elements that make Aranya truly stand out from its peers.

We were fortunate to design their Beijing headquarters, and we made the lobby extra special. The multifunctional space, open to exhibitions, sales events, and a splendid café space is a highly flexible layout that feels as intimate and cozy as it does open and sophisticated. Using unusual materials, the space has a minimalistic, modern feel that draws warmth from the furniture and the exterior surroundings; warmth that can be experienced from the floor all along the ceiling-high windows.

The outcome was a unique and beautiful space, but most importantly, a highly satisfied Mr. Ma. We certainly grew a lot during this project.
Design Development | Construction
93,000 sqm
“Pursuing extreme refinement we discovered other beauties of office design in the process.”
Shi Peng