Jintou Square

Jintou Square Developing a recognizable space through design language is of great importance, but we still need a design team that can tell a story. The JINTOU SQUARE project, which was completed by WTL Design, is a great example. This square was once a famous commercial street for foreign trade in Tianjin. Now the square […]

Shang Lido

Shang · Li In 2019 WTL Design completed another one-stop creative work community in Beijing, Shang Lido. WTL Design designed a creative and lively atmosphere that allows global citizens from all over the world to gather and communicate as part of a unique community culture. With the Co-Lab creative offices, 7Shang Guesthouse, a fitness Center […]

Shang Yuan

Shang Yuan Shang was a vision held by WTL Design CEO and Design Director, Lilian Tian. She wanted to create a workplace that celebrates community — one that embraces technology and design, and encourages passion. As the founder and principal of her own design firm, Lilian wanted to create an environment in which her employees […]