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Picture Perfect Jaywalk Studio
  • Concept | Design Development | Construction
  • 2018
  • Beijing
  • 1,500 sqm
On the same page

Working with creative is always a bliss – we are speaking the same language, respect expertise and understand that creativity needs freedom. Working like this it is no surprise that the end result is a stunning piece of design and workmanship.

Jaywalk’s headquarters are an ode to simple and detail focused design. At the first glance it is a friendly, minimalistic and clean space – but upon further inspection, layers emerge and one realizes the sophisticated thoughts that went into even the smallest corners of this office. Playful sprinkles of colours and straight lines create a cosy, yet tidy and efficient workspace for the people at Jaywalk to do the amazing work they do.


"A space with youth, natural footprint, client’s respect, team cooperation."


Xu Sidi