Easy Start
Designing interiors with abundant resources is easy – but rarely the casea rare opportunity. It is under sharp budget restraints where the quality of a design becomes obvious. The challenge is to spend the money where you can maximize both the function and the aesthetics. Using smart solutions and experience makes it possible to bring down costs while elevating overall quality.

Easy Start is a platform for young entrepreneurs to take their first steps in the world of start-ups. To keep the rising rental costs at bay, we used a very practical approach that emphasizes functionality. At the same time we still wanted to give it a young, playful and creative atmosphere to suit the clientele. In the end we built a multifunctional, bright, and lively working environment. At its heart, Easy Start is a very minimal design, but with the use of colorful details the space comes alive and is welcoming to all who visit.
Design Development | Construction
2000 sqm
“For this project, I didn’t want to show my capabilities as a designer, I wanted to show my wisdom. It is a design full of wisdom.”
Lilian Tian
Design Director