HKJ Group
HKJ is a state-owned technology finance company. During our cooperation this time HKJ gave us full freedom and trust.

Layout is fundamental in interior design. We planned the work and life scenarios appropriately based on the requirements of the client. The office area follows an open design, with plenty of blank space, and a clean smoothness that create a simple and neat office atmosphere.

Interior design is all about the details. The concave skirting makes the space visually higher while preventing dust from piling up. The narrow light pool shows its exquisiteness, and the gradient film of the conference room takes both lighting and privacy into account. The mirror on the ceiling of the reception hall extends the space infinitely, and the telephone room is controlled by sensor lights to remind people on the other end of the corridor of the room’s availability. All of the above details reflect the care and attention of the design team.

The creative elements such as jumping colors, neon lights, graffiti, and tiles in the facilities create a playful, bright and lively atmosphere.
Design Development | Construction

10000 sqm

“We spent the longest time on the layout planning, but it was worth it, and we finally achieved the unity of function, orientation and visual aesthetics. The great respect and support given by our client was also a necessity for the perfect presentation of this project.”