Investment Company Office
Nature is WTL Design’s starting point in this design. With bamboo, a plant wall and classic color matching, we have created an office space that celebrates both nature and reason. The marble logo wall makes the first impression for visitors when they enter the door. The glass hollowed out in the middle of the marble makes the space visually transparent and allows you to see the bamboo behind. In the pantry, we used light wood material to create a brighter environment. The natural wood texture is visually simple and unified. In the open office area, we used gray and white, dotted with green. The sound-absorbing panels hanging from the ceiling are both functional and decorative. They can reduce noise while giving the office area more layers, allowing its space to extend infinitely. There is plenty of natural light in every corner of the office area, so the shadow of boredom is banned.
“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”