Stellar Mega Film LTD

Stella Mega Film is in the business of movie making, viewing and investing. The customer’s experience and satisfaction is of the highest priority. This mind set does not stop when going behind the scenes. Stella Mega wanted to give as much attention and care to their employees as they do to the film lovers using their services.

The space was designed with functionality and balance, all aiming at improving the work life of everyone in the office. Natural light was a key element in producing the intended effect. All work stations and gathering areas are surrounded with light promoting team work and enthusiasm. Furnishings are durable yet graceful, creating beautiful spaces with high functionality and pride.
Design Development | Construction
1,000 sqm
“This is a project that truly interprets building harmony between humans and nature by maximizing the natural light in the whole space for people to live ‘splendid and unpretentious’ lives. “
Houbin Wang